Hi, I'm Stephen Harris, a Web Developer/ Designer located in Denver, Colorado.

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Design & Experience

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Implementing effective design, usability, and clear messaging communications across various design mediums and platforms.

Branding & Identity

Building & Integrating different media campaigns together, giving users visual ideas to identify with.

Effective Communication

An effective design is that which communicates its intended message to the user most efficiently.

UI / UX Design

Strategizing interface patterns and implementing concepts into responsive-friendly web applications.

Campaign Management

Coordination with client and with design team to bridge together ideas and accomplish project goals.

Technical Skills

Familiarity with code bases and fast technical learning abilities allow me to interface with multiple platforms.

Code Familiarity

PHP, CSS, HTML5, Jquery, Javascript & various pattern matching. Backend development & maintenance for the LAMP stack.

Cyber Security

Keeping abreast of most common hacks & vulnerabilities to make sure platforms run safely, quickly and effectively.

CMS Integration

Creating real-world-solutions from photoshop & illustrator mockups to integrate properly within best practice, primarily for the WordPress CMS.

Custom Solutions

Blending multiple datasets and file types into automated tasks into a cohesive interface.


Stephen Harris


I've been a quick learner in multiple environments with superb digital expertise in an array of disciplines. This has enabled me to structure successful campaigns for virtually any product and any market in the best medium to accomplish the team's goals.

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To design with the end user in mind means to streamline design elements and messaging for optimum readability and comprehension by the web user. It's important to make both design and message efficient, so that the user isn't left confused and wondering around your design for what they're searching.


Feel free to contact me using the contact form, if you have any questions about my skills or services, I'd love to hear from you. Cheers!

Stephen Harris

85 Grant St. #27 • Denver • CO 80203 • +0 303 520 6141 subliminalvisions@gmail.com

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